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Workmanship Warranty
The Amahni Roofing workmanship warranty gives total peace of mind for up to 10 years. Your roof is automatically protected against any workmanship problems for the first five years.
After the fifth year, the Amahni Roofing “Certificate of Continuing Workmanship Warranty” may be validated, at the option of the Home Owner, and coverage may be extended for an additional 5 years, subject to Amahni Roofing carrying out an inspection of the installation, and performing a “Roof Tune-up”. At Amahni Roofing, we want you to know that we will always be there to service and maintain your roof.
Roofing Materials Warranty
Warranty Information – Residential
Contact the IKO Customer Service Representative in your region regarding warranty concerns and dealer information.
Warranty Booklet - Canada
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Combination Warranty Booklet
Warranty Claim Forms - Canada
English Warranty Claim Forms
Formulaires pour la garantie (Francais)
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