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1. We are replacing our old asphalt shingles roof with new fiberglass laminated asphalt shingles. Do we have to remove old asphalt shingles or we can re-roof over the top?
Existing asphalt shingles and underlay (roofing felt) have to be completely removed before installing new asphalt shingles. There are many reasons why good roofing practice requires existing shingles to be removed, some of them are:
- Moisture that is trapped inside existing shingles will speed up a process of deterioration of the new shingles.
- Removal of existing shingles and underlay will expose existing roof sheathing (layer of plywood or some other wood product) that should be verified at this point and repaired / replaced if needed.
- Existing shingles create an uneven and “soft” nailing surface for new layer of shingles which can result in roof leaks that is hard to trace and repair.
2. My roof looks dirty, should I power wash it?
Do not power wash your roof!
Power washing severely disturbs layer of granular finish on asphalt shingles and results in premature roof leaks.
3. How long does it take to complete a re-roofing project?
On the average it takes 2-5 days for re-roofing project to be completed.
The most important factor is weather: if it’s raining or is very warm roofing project has to stop. Other factors are size and slope of the roof, location of the property and accessibility of the home.
4. How long will take for the project to commence?
Once the roofing contract is signed and deposit paid, roofing project commonly starts within one to two weeks depending on weather and time of the year (spring and fall are usually very busy times for roofing contractors and waiting period can take up to three weeks).
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